The Knot And PayPal Release Wedding Finance Survey Results

Millennial couplesNew wedding finance survey from The Knot and PayPal points to more electronic and mobile payments.

“Millennial couples are marrying later and are more financially savvy when they do,” according to Kristen Maxwell Cooper, Deputy Editor of The Knot. “Electronic and mobile payments are becoming the norm in all facets of life, so it’s no surprise that engaged couples want this option for their wedding vendors.”

Planning For The Big Day

For millennials, popping the question comes first, followed the wedding budget. In fact, 31% of survey respondents said they follow this process.

Although 45% of brides are responsible for handling the finances and budget process, less than 30% of couples said they split the responsibility in half. And surprisingly, more than half (65%) of the couples who participated in the survey said they do not factor in their honeymoon expenses.

Because brides are highly involved in the planning process, 65% admitted to overthinking their wedding budget and finances.

“Planning a wedding requires paying multiple vendors multiple payments over a long period of time,” noted PayPal’s wedding expert, Amanda Miller. “PayPal helps couples manage their payments and finances by offering them access to a secure digital wallet that includes products such as peer-to-peer payments and PayPal Credit.”

How Millennials Finance Weddings

The wedding finance survey found that nearly half of the couples “have had a number of difficult discussions regarding their wedding budget/finances.” In addition, 21% of the couples said they will use credit and spend more than their budget will allow.

Approximately 50% of the couples paid cash as needed during the wedding planning process, while the majority paid from a personal or joint bank account.

Other payment methods include:

– borrowed money from a credit card or financial institution (57%);

– paid with credit cards (36%); and

– borrowed money from a family member or friend (16%).

But turns out millennials want other payment options

With everyone focused on the big day, 48% of couples said they worry about remembering to pay vendors on their wedding day.

To help calm their nerves, most couples (70%) think that automated payments for remaining balances on their would be helpful. In addition, 89% of couples said they “like the convenience of paying vendors electronically.”

More than 40% of the couples were surprised to know many of their vendors did not accept electronic payments, while 44% wish they had the option to pay vendors via their smartphones.

42% Of Pregnant Women Say Finding What To Eat Is Stressful

What Pregnant Women Actually Eat

A new study from American Baby recorded the eating habits and preferences of pregnant women.

It’s no secret that women often choose healthier meals when they first find out they are expecting. In fact, 70% of the women polled in the study said they started eating healthier when they became pregnant. That number dropped when asked about their eating portions. Less than 65% of these women noted that they are not eating the recommended 5 to 9 daily servings of fruits and vegetables. In addition, 12% admit to eating one or fewer servings a day.

So, why the drop in healthy habits, you ask?

According to Mindy Walker, Executive Editor at American Baby, “time constraints, aversions, and convenience are the top reasons moms-to-be are missing out on beneficial nutrition.” She added: “There is some good news though: 92% say no to alcohol, 77% are eating breakfast every day, and 84% are following the recommended guidelines for caffeine, all of which are critical to a healthy pregnancy.”

Pregnancy Cravings
Cravings are part of pregnancy, and the respondents were happy to share their indulgences. Most women (84%) said they “reach for foods like ice cream, chips, pretzels, chocolates, cookies, and candy.”

Risky foods, such as cold deli meats, were also part of their diet:

– 48% have eaten cold deli meats;
– 32% have had undercooked eggs, meat or fish;
– 20% have had pre-made deli salads; and
-7% have eaten unpasteurized cheese.

“Pregnant women often aren’t given the tools they need to make smarter decisions,” noted registered dietitian nutritionist Jennifer McDaniel, R.D.N., a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. “If they aren’t told the reason behind a nutrition recommendation, the message gets lost or ignored because they don’t know why it’s important.”

Findings from the survey revealed that moms are concerned weight gain during pregnancy. More than 60% of these moms admitted to this concern, with one-third of theses women who were already obese or overweight prior to being pregnant. Almost 90% of the women who were overweight said their physicians “expressed no concern about it.”


The What Pregnant Women Really Eat Survey was conducted online throughout April 14 – May 12, 2015. The study surveyed 2,339 U.S. women who were expecting or had a baby one year of age or younger. Data was collected through a variety of channels, including Meredith’s magazine reader panels, websites, e-newsletters, and social media accounts.

New Study: A Shorter School Week Benefits Students

New study on 4-day school week

For years students have complained about the two-day weekend and could only dream of a shorter school week. And according to a recent study, a 4-day school week might be the best thing for a child’s academics.

Why Four Days?
Although more schools are implementing four-day school weeks to reduce overhead and transportation costs, there is a negative side to the shorter weeks. Cutting down on the academic week requires “substantial schedule changes as schools must increase the length of their school day to meet minimum instructional hour requirements,” as noted in the report. For some schools, this policy is said to “ease financial pressures.” The downside, it is unknown whether there is an impact on student outcomes.

To help determine the impact of shorter school days, researchers examined school-level data from Colorado to “investigate the relationship between the four-day week and academic performance among elementary school students.”

As a result, researchers found a positive correlation between the four-day week and the students’ performance in reading and mathematics. Nonetheless, there is little evidence proving the four-day week will yield academic achievement for all students.

And we cannot forget the cost of childcare parents will have to endure if this policy does go through.

The #SeptemberScopers Challenge

SeptemberScopers Challenge

This week is the start of a new challenge for me. I’ve decided to join other bloggers for the #SeptemberScopers Scope A Day Challenge to help build our audience on Periscope.

Today is the first day, so keep an eye out on my Instagram page to know when I’ll be going live. Also, feel free to follow the hashtag ( #SeptemberScopers) on social media to explore other sessions.

I’m so excited to be sharing my everyday with you all. And yes, I will warn you I’m a bit camera-shy so bear with me.

Talk to you soon!

Uncle Ben’s Celebrates Fourth Annual Cooking Contest

Uncle Ben's Beginners Cooking Contest

Uncle Ben’s has announced the launch of its Ben’s Beginners Cooking Contest, designed to inspire parents and their children to prepare meals together.

The cooking contest is part of the influential Ben’s Beginners movement, which aims to encourage parents and kids to spend time together in the kitchen cooking healthy meals. In the past, the movement has helped bring the importance of family meal times and its positive effect on children to the forefront nationwide.

“Learning to cook is a crucial life skill that helps build healthy eating habits kids can carry with them for life,” according to spokesperson Lara McCauley.“This year we want to continue to encourage families to cook together and also offer tips and innovative ways to make kitchens more kid-friendly for our young chefs.”

To learn more or enter the Ben’s Beginners Cooking Contest, click here.

(Info via Blogsrelease)

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