Giving Yourself A Boost

Boost Yourself (1)

You just never know how awesome something could be until you give it a try.

I thought about taking a break from my blog twice before I realized I pretty much needed the time off. You never realize how much work goes into maintaining a blog until you take a look back at all the pieces you have created. It was not until I decided to switch my website from .org to .com that I realized I had so many good posts and I need to figure out how I will breathe life back into them and think of what direction I would like my blog to take.

As I continue to work with more brands and monetize my efforts, I really want to improve the look and feel of my website.

To some, my .org website looks amazing, but not to me. I like it, just not in love with it.  Continue reading

Happy First Day Of Spring!

Hello spring! %091

Spring is finally here and I know a couple of people who are very excited about it.

For us, it has been pretty warm all month. Sometimes it reaches the upper 90s. But there is more to spring than just warm weather. Spring means a new beginning for trees and plants. Continue reading

#LifeOnCrypton: Elegant, Toddler-Proof Placemats

#LifeOnCrypton Review (1)

Toddler messes don’t stand a chance.

Feeding time is always interesting at our home. Not only because it is when we really get to unplug and discuss our day or plan things as a family, but lately we have been able to keep Sebastian’s messes under control.  Continue reading

Stop — It’s Baby Time!

Dealing with a needy baby (1)

Gone are the days when it was all about you. 

If you have a hard time not being the center or your own world you will have a tough time adjusting to parenthood. Here is a glimpse into the world of endless need and “gimme, gimme”. Continue reading

The Importance Of Reading To Your Little One

unnamed (1)Bedtime is the perfect time to let your imagination wonder.

Bedtime stories are not only fun but are critical to your child’s development. Aside from creating special parent-child bonds and preparing your child to fall asleep, researchers are noticing a connecting between other “powers” to this nighttime routine.  Whether you are helping Princess Cupcake Jones find her missing tutu or hoping to get her to go to school, you are actually boosting your child’s brain development. Continue reading

#MomViews: Betty & Baby On Breastfeeding

Guest Posts

This segment of MomViews features thoughts on breastfeeding from Betty of Betty & Baby. You can check out her blog over here.
Continue reading

#OneBeautifulThought: That’s All It Takes

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You are what you believe yourself to be.

As a first-time mom, I question a lot of things and sometimes I find myself head to head with my worst enemy — myself.

The woman I am today is a lot different to the person I was before my son. I lacked confidence and I often felt defeated. Sometimes that person tries to make her way back into my life, so when she does I give her a hug to show her it is okay to just be herself. Continue reading

#ChobaniKids: A Healthier Option For Your Little One

ChobaniKids Greek Yogurt

Chobani introduces a healthier alternative for kids and tots.

From pouches to tubes, Chobani is making snack time a lot easier for moms to get their little one to enjoy a healthier and cool-looking Greek yogurt. The company announced a partnership in mid-January 2015 to feature iconic Disney and Marvel characters.  Continue reading

Going Chic: French Nails You Can’t Resist

The KISS French Pressons are inexpensive and perfect for any occasion.

It does not take much to make your nails look fabulous. I have not been to a nail salon in forever, and I do not see myself going to one anytime soon. Honestly, I do not have the time to sit and have my hair done by someone else, so when would I have time to sit still and let someone else do my nails? Continue reading

Moms Who Motivate

moms who motivate
Today marks the third week of the Moms Who Motivate series and I am so excited to share another 5 posts from 5 motivational moms on Instagram along with quick, motivational captions. Feel free to read last week’s post here. Continue reading