The Perks Of Having A Playarea

Benefit of having a playroomPlaytime is so important for mommy and baby, and setting up an area in your home for your child to explore is one of the best things you could do for them.

I had not thought of this until one Thursday afternoon when I arrived home from work. Jeff was off and had mentioned he was working on something for Sebastian that I would appreciate. I did not know what that meant, but I was excited to go home to find out. I discussed the little play area Jeff put together for our son in a previous post. This was at our home in NJ. Now, we have a room for Sebastian to go in and explore.

His Perfect Playroom
In Sebastian’s playroom we laid out the colorful, spongey mat and placed his toys on top. On the other side of the room, we have his pack-and-play and swing. Although he no longer plays with either of them, it is a nice reminder of the little boy we once had. *tear*

On the same side we have a tall shelf that houses all the toy cars Jeff has purchased for Sebastian. We started off with one, I believe it was a Corvette, and before I could turn around, there were 10+ lined up. The good news is, Sebastian does actually play with them.

There are a variety of toys our family and friends have given Sebastian, and he currently plays with them all. Having a designated play area allows him to choose the toys he would like to play with. He explores something new everyday, and we love it. We even have a bed in case he gets tired and needs his nap. It doubles as a guestroom for

Here are 4 reasons why a playarea is so important for your little one:

1. A playarea allows your child to use their imagination. 
My son uses most of his toys, and it is not usually the way the manufacturer intended. This is a good thing. You want your child to try different things. And the best part is it will make you laugh.

2. Having a playarea can tame the mess.
I love knowing that once my son enters his playroom he is going to do some serious damage, and we do not mind at all. :)

3. A playarea works wonders when other parents bring their children over.
Family and friends are always happy to have their kids over and the kids love stopping by because there is a place for them to play. It is in the center of our home, which makes a great place for the adults to keep an eye on them.

4. Having a playarea reminds parents of the importance of bonding with their child. 
Every day I pass by Sebastian’s playroom, I think of the fun we have had and the new things he has learned. Of course, there are days we are too busy running errands that we forget to step foot in it, but Sebastian is sure to let us know we will be making it up to him the next day.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thursday!

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Why I Chose A Jogger Instead

Graco FastAction JoggerDisclosure: This post features affiliate links.

Finding out I was going to be a mom was not the easiest news to swallow. Although it was a shock, I felt blessed. When you have family and friends close enough to understand the experience of having a child without ever going through it, this can be very rewarding. Aside from the obvious ask questions and learn about their parenting styles, you can better understand their trial and errors when it comes to products. And this is so important for me. 

I did not know anyone who chose a jogger over a regular stroller. What I did know was the struggle most moms had getting around with their stroller of choice. Transitioning from concrete to grass, and opening and closing it were a hassle.

Knowing I would need one of my own, I had to research for something a lot more comfortable and easy to use. I went with the Graco FastAction Fold Jogger – Tangerine because the wheels are rubber, similar to the ones we have on our car tires. It has three wheels and enough compartments to hold our keys, phones and water bottles on the top, and the bottom storage is perfect for the diaper bag and Rocky’s bag when we go on trips.

Moving Around
Because we are always on-the-go, it was important for our stroller to be the same. I take our boys on afternoon walks every day and I hold the corner of the jogger in one hand and Rocky’s leash in the other. I have seen strollers that require both hands. As a mom, my hands are always multi-tasking. This jogger allows me to give Sebastian and Rocky the attention they require. I could even walk side-by-side my son, holding on to the jogger while Rocky walks in front of us.

Aside from afternoon walks, we take trips to local parks and beaches. Taking the jogger out of the car requires two hands, but opening and closing it works perfectly fine with one. This is a plus for anyone, not just moms.

Getting around with the jogger makes it easy because we just pack it up and go wherever our heart desires. I even use it to move out groceries out of the car and into our home.

If you are an active family, I highly recommend this jogger for you.

I hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday!

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MomViews: Perfectly Imperfect

mommy blog, motherhood, motherhood through my eyesMomma of Dos MomViews

Life is of perception, and your personal life is as good as you believe it to be. For some moms, scrubbing their home until everything is spotless — every single day — sounds like a thing of the past. Today, Connie Gomez, blogger at Momma of Dos, shares details about her perfectly imperfect life with her adventurous family.

MomViews: You have been documenting your New Year’s resolutions on your blog, and I just love that. This year, it is all about being happy, regaining peace and doing more. How have you and your family been able to keep this resolution so far?

Connie Gomez: When the year started I told myself that this year would be about peace, and don’t worry about others outside of our little family of four. Not because we don’t care but because we need to focus on where we want to be! I think that as far as inner and mental peace our little family has definitely regained this and in return become happier by doing so. This year for me “doing more” meant putting my blog out there and allowing myself to be open to new and exciting opportunities. Oh boy, did this happen. I also set out to be more supportive for my Hubby and allowing him to gain his space and have hobbies and “me time”. We both deserve it and I know it has worked. We are fulfilled in our marriage and in our home, to us for now, that’s what matters most. Do all of our plans flow as we envision them? No, of course not. There are always hiccups along the way and sometimes a lot of long late night conversations.

MV: I love the honesty on your blog. It seems as though happiness is more important than mundane tasks, such as cleaning. Does that ever become a problem?

CG: Funny Story. We have a friend that comes over and visits often. One day the chaos was so big in our house that he walked in, and quickly said, “eh, I’ll see ya’ later.” True. Most days I allow my children to be free, make a mess and I enjoy the time with them taking pictures or setting up our next blog adventure! Involving them is part of the fun. When they were little I was extremely worried about my house being perfectly clean but as they both became toddlers and keeping up with the Jones’ became literally impossible, I stopped. Cleaning can wait. And, most days it does. Is it a problem? Only when people come over who are not used to our messes. Then the embarrassment is real. Which is NOT always so much that people walk right back out, but just enough so that people have to step over toys and drink from paper cups. If it’s not a big deal to you, it is rarely one for us. We do have clean up time and I wash my restrooms and change our sheets regularly. Just sayin’!

MV: As a mom of two, what has been the biggest challenge for you so far?

Time. I recently read an article about home and work mash-up and most days, I do overlap work with home time. But, on most days, I just wish I had more time to just sit and listen to my Cami tell endless stories about her daycare classmates and teachers, that girl can talk. Or sit and watch some crazy YouTube show with my little man, he is growing so fast. I have spent the last 5 years of his life working outside the home in Corporate America with a brief intermission for 8 months when I stayed home with both my kids. I miss those days but I do love having a career and being a part of providing financially for my family. I think that has been my biggest challenge. The time spent away from them and the time that I  have to give up to be able to fulfill my career needs. It’s probably why we try our absolute best to make the most of our weekends. We party like rockstars and eat lots of ice cream and chocolate, which is probably another reason why our house is always so messy, haha!

MV: You and your husband seem to make a great team. What do you love most about your marriage?

I wish we had cameras following us. He would secretly love it. I think that our marriage is truly honest, open and while we have so much in common and that we agree upon, it’s the small difference that help us balance one another. He has taught me not to be so gullible and trusting and I have taught him to take selfies, it’s a win-win situation. He always jokes that if he ever chooses to grace my blog by writing a guest post that my numbers would go off the charts! And, that’s usually how we start our days, with truths and competition. Laughing at each other and ourselves. We have fun. We talk business. And, we agree on how to raise our children, the only thing we can’t agree on is bed time. I am a night owl and he likes to be in bed by 9:30 p.m. I make sure the noise stays out of our bedroom and work until the wee’hours.  It’s been almost 17 years in the making, we make it work, we love one another and he supports all my crazy ideas!

MV: What advice would you give a mom who feels overwhelmed with everyday tasks and thinks there really isn’t enough time for “fun” in parenting?

HAVE FUN! As cliché as this may sound…. Life really is too short and time really does pass you by. One Momma friend who now has 4 teens now; told me at the beginning of my journey into Momma-hood; “Connie! You will always have dishes to wash and clothes to put away BUT trust me your children will NEVER be this age again!” That was 3 years ago; my son just turned 5 and my daughter will be 4 in March, and to this day I think about her words. So Momma’s please, enjoy your family and enjoy life; not just for them but for yourself as well.  Take a break, relax and know that at the end of the day you will get the important things done, the little things accomplished but nothing will be more fulfilling than  having your kids hug you and kiss you and hearing them tell you, “Mom today was awesome!”

Thanks for joining me this week. Stop by next Wednesday for more insights from moms like you. Also, do not forget to check out last week’s post on the top 10 Most-Read MomViews.

My Son’s First Trim

My First TrimWe recently decided to trim Sebastian’s hair for the first time. It was just to give him a clean look. Although it only took less than five minutes to trim his hair, it made me little sentimental.

Sebastian was busy watching his TV show when Jeff and I decided it was time to trim his little curls.

First Hair CutThis photo was taken right after his trim. He looks like a little man. <3

The good news is, regardless of the mess(es) he makes, his hair still looks perfect.
Messy bowlI hope you are having a wonderful week.

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Motivation Monday: Wrong Can Be Right

Wrong Can Be Right

Not every choice you make will feel right at first, but those “wrong turns” are sometimes the best thing that could have ever happened to you.

I have meet so many people in my life, and I can honestly say that everyone came and went at the perfect time in my life. I was talking to Jeff about friendships in my life that no longer exist. When the conversation was over, I smiled and went about with my day. But this was not always the case. Years ago, there were people in my life that I wanted back. Friendships that actually meant something but went to the drain — for lack of a better word — because of minor things that should not have been said or done. The truth is, everything happens for a reason, and every day that you can smile about it means you are one step closer to figuring out why.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Monday.

So What If I Still Breastfeed My Son

Breastfeeding Post

My son turned one this summer, and explaining to people that yes, he is still nursing seems to be an invitation for others to share their thoughts on why I should stop. Anyone else a bit annoyed with this? 

People have mixed reviews about everything moms do. For some reason people think it is their duty to tell me that my son needs to stop breastfeeding because he is one. Personally, it is my son’s decision whether or not he is ready to stop nursing.

I have met mothers who waited for their children to naturally wean themselves, and I do not think there is anything wrong with that, nor do I think there is anything wrong with anyone who decides to stop breastfeeding their child. For me, the issue is when someone tells me “it’s time to stop breastfeeding him.” I do not think there is a time for anything. I believe babies know when they are ready to let go. So, to the next mom that has something negative to say about whether or not I choose to breastfeed my one-year-old son, I have news for you, I am going to do it regardless of your opinions. If you are trying to change my mind, save your breath.

Has anyone ever questioned your decision to breastfeed your child passed a certain age? Comment below!

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