Heather Thomson To Preview New Active And Denim Wear In Aventura, FL

Join me this month at Bloomingdale’s Aventura!

Heather Thomson Previews New Active And Denim LineFounder and CCO of Yummie by Heather Thomson, and the leading cast member of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New York City will be at the Bloomingdale’s in Aventura showcasing her new Active and Denim collection on Saturday, March 14 at 2pm. The event will take place in the Intimates Apparel Department. Continue reading

#LifeOnCrypton: Join The Crypton Placemat Experience!


Play, Have Fun, Make a Mess!

Messes are no joke, and constantly scrubbing the table after your toddler’s meals can be time-consuming. Luckily, Crypton Fabric has a very interesting experiment going on right now for bloggers. I will be sharing my thoughts in a future post and a video of how messy mealtime can be. So stay tuned for that.

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Toddlers Have A Better Outlook On Life

Moments With DaddyAfter 63 wonderful hours with Jeff, it is back to reality.

This weekend has been a great reminder of how beautiful life can be if you keep it simple. A successful day the beach on Sunday followed by a morning full of errands and an evening at a local park. These are the moments that melt my heart. Continue reading

Moms Who Motivate

moms who motivate
It’s a new month and I have never been more excited to see how fast time is flying. Why, you ask? Because a lot is happening not only on my blog but in my everyday life. I have been super busy (but never too busy) and very hungry for more on my plate.  Continue reading

Most-Viewed Posts: February 2015

Top 5 Posts of February 2015

It feels as though just yesterday I was writing the top 5 posts of January 2015, and here I am, discussing another month. If you missed last month’s most-viewed posts, you can check them out here.

In February, I was invited to attend the Mommycise one-year anniversary event, but Sebastian got a fever the night before that stayed until the next day. Ya gotta love teething! Fortunately, the pre-event post drew some interest from readers. I mean, moms getting a workout with their little one is always fun! Being able to do it at a fitness center makes it a lot more interesting. Still wish I went, but as I like to say: “Family first, always.” 

So, without further or do, here are the Top 5 Posts of February 2015:
1. Mommycise Fitness Celebrates One-Year Anniversary!
2. #GetMoreFollowers: Reaching 10 Million Followers
3. Motherhood Changes You
4. MomViews: Teaching Your Child How To Clean Up
5. 5 Things To Include In A Media Kit

Cannot wait for next month’s recap! 

Why #MillennialMomsROCK


You might have asked yourself why we’re so darn awesome…

The rise of social media has made it difficult for millennial moms to “measure up,” so to speak. Today, there is a race to perfection among millennial moms. In fact, according to the 2015 State of Modern Motherhood: Mobile and Media in the Lives of Moms study, 64% of millennial moms said parenting is more competitive than ever before. In their eyes, the “perfect” mom is a good cook, organized, educated and fit and focused on family. And to top it all off, she still manages to hold down a good job.  Continue reading

MomViews: Juggling Family and Business

mommy blog, motherhood, motherhood through my eyes
Carmen Milian MomViews
To understand the struggles of someone’s everyday life, sometimes you have to put yourself in their shoes. In this MomViews segment, Carmen Milian, “momager” of Christina Milian and co-star of Christina Milian Turned Up on E!, shares her thoughts on how she has been able to successfully juggle both family and business.  Continue reading

Change Your Attitude, Change Your Mood

Attitude Change

Smiling isn’t always easy, but it’s definitely contagious. 

You always hear about that one person who is always happy and you often wish that could be you. The truth is, it can be.

Have you tried smiling lately? Next time you take a “selfie” crack a smile. You can start off with a small side smile like the big picture in this post and make your way to showing your teeth! This might sound silly, but not everyone likes smiling in photos. Some people are self-conscious of their smile. And it is not all about their teeth. Continue reading

Live Each Moment


Each day is a new shot at life.

It is a beautiful sunny day here in South Florida and although I wish Jeff was home with us, I am excited that today is a short day and he will be home tomorrow.

Some might find it weird that I genuinely enjoy Mondays. The start of a new week always gets me excited. When we planned our mini-getaway to the Keys, all I could think of was how awesome those 48 hours out as a family would be. Little did I know how many memories we would be taking back with us. I shared my thoughts on our trip in a recent post. Feel free to check that out over here.

Making The Best Out Of Each Day
This past weekend was a bit chilly and the boys and I decided to stay in. The good news is, Jeff decided to keep the space heaters from our home back in NJ and we used them to keep us warm over the weekend.

It is funny to think how I was born and raised in NJ and now anything below 70 degrees in the morning or at night gives me the chills.

Although there are many perks to living in South Florida, I do miss having Jeff home on Sundays. We still have family nights when we eat dinner together and catch up on shows. It has slowly become our routine. Sometimes we switch it up by taking a family walk on the evenings around our community or at a local park. We may have less time together on the weekends, but whenever we get a couple of minutes together, we make the best of it. Someone once told me it is not about the quantity of time, it is about the quality of time you spend with those you love. I could not agree more.

Lessons From My First Google+ Hangout On Air

Google+ Hangout Tips

You learn as you go.

After I started sharing blogging tips on my website I noticed there was an issue among the tips I was discussing on my blog. Since my blog is not only about blogging in general, I had a mix of tips going on under the “Mommy Tips” category, so I thought about how I could separate the two — tips for moms and tips for moms that are bloggers. I was looking into creating a video series when I first thought of MomViews, but something told me that was not the right fit.

Just months after launching the blogging tips series I knew I could use Google+ Hangouts to reach a wider audience. And that was what I did with my first Google+ Hangout On Air.

Where Things Went Wrong
If I could have saved myself the embarrassment, I would have. But there is nothing like leaving your comfort zone to learn something new.

Maybe I should have researched a bit before hitting the Start button this weekend. Or maybe I should have stuck to my original plan of showing slides instead. I am glad I did neither or these because I learned from a semi-failed Google+ Hangout On Air.  Continue reading